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Whitney Houston in Her Coffin: Picture - Showbiz Spy

Feb 22, 2012 . It's singer Whitney Houston in an open casket at the Whigham Funeral Home in New Jersey before her burial last weekend. According to the .

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Nov 2, 2012 . Natina Reed Funeral Service (Open Casket)by CatarinaMigliorini44,433 views · 15:36. Watch Later NATINA REED FINAL INTERVIEW WITH .

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34 Weird Funerals and Caskets - Urlesque

May 3, 2010 . The most inappropriate outfit for a funeral ever. Besides the clowns. . An eco- friendly casket which is buried beneath the seed of a tree. . urlesque exclusive. Celebrities Attempt Accents. Urlesque Video Compilation .

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Was Lisa Lopes funeral open casket - Wiki Answers

Can you answer these Celebrities questions? . This is a funeral where the casket is open for viewing of the deceased by the mourners. What did Lisa Lopes  .

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Rodney King Open Casket - YouTube

Jun 30, 2012 . Rodney King in his casket will be remembered as the man who was . Larry Hagman Funeral Service - Open Casketby OfficerHitler30,012 .

Top 10 Celebrity Funerals - Photo Essays - TIME

From an Egyptian singer to a silent-movie star, TIME takes a look at some of the biggest celebrity funerals in history and the fans who came to pay their respects.,29307,1908895,00.html

Celebrity open casket funerals | Celebrity Gossip - Pinterest

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The National Enquirer sparks outrage with Whitney Houston open ...

Feb 23, 2012. it alleges shows Whitney Houston in an open coffin at her funeral last week Read more by Lauren Moraski on CBS News' Celebrity Circuit.

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Dead Pics of the Famous and Infamous - Find A Death

How about posting open casket pics or links to them here. . Funeral party and open casket of Japanese immigrant Kame Yamasaki, Brigham .

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Man alive at own funeral to family's shock as identical looking ...

Oct 23, 2012 . MailOnline - news, sport, celebrity, science and health stories . family by walking into his own funeral - while identical looking murder victim lies in casket . Family and friends of Gilberto Araujo (right) had spent the night grieving beside his open coffin. . Man walks into his own funeral and says he's alive .

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KRIS KROSS : CHRIS KELLY FUNERAL (Memorial) May 9, 2013 ...

May 9, 2013 . At the funeral, Chris Kelly -- telling the congregation, "It's been like a . funeral, obituary, ackson Baptist Memorial Church, Atlanta, Celebrity Talk . WHY DO PEOPLE PUT FUNERALS ON HERE FOR SPECIALY OPEN CASTEST STUIP. . to be Kris Kross together, all these years, and now, i see this casket.

Elvis Presley Coffin Elvis Death National Enquirier Coffin Picture

Elvis Coffin Picture - Elvis in Casket . Placed in a copper-platted open lid casket with his head resting of silver . Priscilla and Lisa Marie attend Elvis Funeral.

A good time to deal in death - inside a giant Twix | From the Dakar ...

Jul 28, 2013 . And whilst it is the funeral of choice for about 70% of Americans, the 'open-casket photo' of dead celebrities like Elvis, James Brown, Martin .

Final Photo Of Whitney Houston In Her Open Coffin - Celebrity Dirty ...

Mar 10, 2012 . The photograph apparently showing Whitney in her open coffin. . If it was an open casket funeral, then everyone present was looking at her .

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James Gandolfini's Funeral: Top 10 Facts You Need to Know | HEAVY

Jun 27, 2013 . We attended James Gandolfini's funeral today. Experience it with us: on-set memories from The Sopranos, untold stories, secrets revealed, and celebrity guests. . door, and you slammed it really hard ... hard enough that it came back open again. . Young Michael was a pallbearer for his father's casket.

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