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Working Up a Load for Your Muzzleloader - CHUCKHAWKS.COM

Randy Wakeman describes how to Work Up a Load For Your Muzzleloader. . I'm quite comfortable hunting with Knight, Austin & Halleck, Thompson, Savage, and NEF / H . Trajectory we can learn and adjust for, but inaccuracy we cannot.

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The Aerolite .50 Cal Muzzleloader Bullet Ballistic Test by The World ...

May 6, 2013 . Michael E. Clay with the World Hunting Club conduct a ballistic test with . and Shooting your CVA Muzzleloaderby CVA Muzzleloaders24,077 .

traditions muzzleloader ballistic chart

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Information about muzzleloading and black powder firearms, shooting, and hunting. . REVIEW PAGE / RIFLE CARTRIDGE PAGE / TABLES, CHARTS AND LISTS . The Knight Thunderdome Breechplug (Product review by Randy Wakeman) . (Article by Randy Wakeman); The Bigotry of Ballistic Coefficients ( Article by .

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to Caliber (measurement in inches) Conversion Chart . Pattagaussett Muzzleloaders - black powder experiments including a good round ball ballistics calculator . Traditional Muzzleloader Hunting, Historically Correct Clothing & Equipment, .

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Muzzleloader Bullets - Black Powder Gun Supplies & Accessories ...

Muzzleloader Ballistics Chart . Knight 209 primer disc allows you to shoot 209 shotgun primers in your MHS DISC Extreme, DISC Extreme, Wolverine 209, .

IMR White Hot Muzzleloading Pellets - CHUCKHAWKS.COM

Randy Wakeman describes the New IMR White Hot Muzzleloading Pellets. . they have published and advertised comprehensive ballistic charts using many . There are a couple advantages of pellets, as Tony Knight pointed out to me, one  .

Muzzle load ballistics - Personal Web Sites -

May 21, 2010 . Ballistics charts for muzzle loader rifles . My son's Knight Disk rifle using Pyrodex pellets & #209 shotgun primers thru same chronograph.

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Parker Productions: Muzzleloading Bullets - Custom Muzzleloader ...

We also make Ballistic Extreme Muzzleloader Bullets. . Traditional Hunter; The Traditional Hunter™ is a fine hunting bullet in its own right and the Hydra-Con™  .

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Ballistic Tables - White Muzzleloading

Note: Tables were created by measuring bullet velocity 15 feet from the . These ballistic results wee obtained using G-series Rifles with 22-inch shallow groove, fast twist barrels. . All calibers are listed in the traditional two decimal format.

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Battle Of The In-lines New muzzleloaders face off at the range ...

The one bolt-action in this test, the DISC Extreme from Knight Rifles, uses a disc . bores and have the highest ballistic coefficient of any muzzleloader bullet.

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Black Powder Ballistics - Pocono Shooting Range

Learn to load, shoot and clean Black Powder firearms in the Poconos Pennsylvania. . Black Powder Muzzleloading Ballistics . .50 Cal Traditions Flintlock Pirate Pistol Stainless Steel, 10 inch, 50 grain 2F GEOX Black Powder, 173 grain, .

Model 700 Black Powder Muzzleloader - Archived Muzzleloaders

Description: In-line black powder rifle based on the Model 700 short action receiver. Introduction Year: 1996. Year Discontinued: 2004. Total Production: N/A .


Ballistics performance of your rifle and cartridge can vary somewhat from . Refer to the tables of Group A, Group B, and Group C cartridges on page 4 . . Leupold Series digital laser rangefinder, or utilize the traditional VX-3/3L range.

Muzzleloader Tips

Detailed tips page, telling muzzleloaders how to use their rifles and pistols more . the muzzle and seat firmly on the powder charge as for traditional bullets and balls. . Except where noted, the following table shows typical ballistics of various  .

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Muzzleloading - Archery Talk

. grain shock waves with 150 grain pellets does anyone have a chart on ballistics . from 25yds to 250 yds I want to see a chart on my bullet drop. . Just bought a CVA Accura now Im going to be looking at scopes any ideas?

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